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A ‘Slice’ of ‘Ice’ Visits the Big Country

By Sienna Miller



DJ Slice, the official DJ for Mike Jones and Ice Age Entertainment, based out of Houston Texas, paid Abilene a visit over recent holidays. Mike Jones is the CEO of Ice Age Entertainment, {{more}} which began to receive recognition in 2001 but has been in the works way before then. Ice Age currently represents Mike Jones, DJ Slice and King Mellow. Originally signed with Swishahouse Records in Houston Texas, Jones spun off his own label Ice Age Entertainment. According to DJ Slice,Ice Age gave Jones a chance to sign some artists who he deemed talented and ready. Swishahouse, gave Jones a chance to spread his wings and fly. “The two are together,” says Slice. When asked where the name Ice Age came from Slice replied “What Mike told me…this is the meaning behind Ice Age, the glamour, the glitz.” Compared to the Age of Aquarius or some other age, Slice says, “It’s all about the bling, the flash.” He notes that they already had the name figured out, before he got there. In addition to Ice Age, DJ Slice has also formed his own label under Swishahouse and Ice Age to bring some more of his talent to the forefront. The name of his personal label is called Strobe Lyfe Entertainment. He is Co-CEO of Strobe Lyfe. “They all fall under one roof.” says Slice about these labels. While here in Abilene, Slice was accompanied by his Manager Cynthia A.K.A. “Cyn” and Terrence Wilburn, CEO of Take IV Records, based out of New Orleans in Houston Texas. “We’re actually two different company’s and we come together” says Wilburn. Some featured artists from Take IV are the following: formerly Choppa, DJ Jubilee and presently Baby Boy who is currently being played on Power 103.7 Because of Slice’s manager has close ties to the city many enjoyed a chance to listen to Slice’s special style of DJ-ing. “Anywhere we go, I always book him for something.” Says manager Cynthia. She is a former graduate of Abilene High. They knew that they would be in town for Thanksgiving.Abilene listeners considered Slice’s presence to be a treat. While here in the city, DJ Slice took advantage of the opportunities to entertain the listening ears of those who awaited him. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving he DJ-ed with Radio Disc Jockey Rex Allen from Power 103.7 “Hip-hop music doesn’t come through here as much as it should, and I feel like he was able to relate to our demographics, especially our listeners in a ways that a lot of times music can’t”, says Rex. Noting that many times people have this perception of celebrities being…“full of themselves” Rex says, “He’s not like that at all.” Rex also mentions that he enjoys visiting with Slice every time he comes here to the Big Country! “He comes down quite often and every time he comes on the show, It’s awesome to have him!” he adds. This makes Slice’s third time to work with Rex on Power 103. “People always look for that extra outlet, whether it be music or television and I feel that he’s able to really bring that here, and a lot of people don’t really get to experience that.” Says Rex. He ends with this “You get a lot of ideas about what the hip-hop industry is like, and I don’t think that you can really judge that until you meet someone who is really down to earth in the business such as DJ Slice.” He goes on to say this, “I think that he is really able to reflect a positive personal reflection of himself, and it makes the industry look very well.” DJ Slice also DJ-ed the next evening at a local club.Slice is known for the unique way he mixes up his music. The term is referred to as “sliced” and “screwed”. “I do all screwed music,” says Slice. “We all pay respect to DJ Screw. I haven’t had a chance to meet him, but that’s just the respect you give.” As creative as he is now, his talent goes way back. Slice says that he was with Swishahouse long ago, engineering and working undercover for many years. He says that he went to high school with most of those guys. “I did like 90 % of the “Who Mike Jones LP”. At first, Jones had him booking tours and such, but when it became too much, Cyn stepped in to free him up for DJ-ing so that she could help manage schedules, and the business as a whole. Slice has always had a love for music. “I started off playing drums, before I started DJ-ing, but DJ-ing paid first, so I went with DJ-ing” says Slice. He later explains, “I have a love for all types of music!” His original dream was to be the first black drummer of a rock band but mentions that he had never gotten paid for playing the drums prior to his career. Working alongside his manager Cyn, they began slicing and screwing rock music. They made a couple of CD’s and started passing them out in Austin Texas and “they loved it!” says Cyn. DJ Slice talks about bringing this innovative genre back to the forefront. “We actually toured with rock band Janes Addiction and their drummer Steven Perkins,” says Cyn. Terrence Wilburn adds, “In this business, you have to be as versatile as possible because your life expectancy might be one or two albums unless you are a superstar by that time.” To say the least, it takes time, and nothing comes easy here. Bringing out a point that many young people are not aware of, is that many artists videos are staged. “A lot of that is rented. The jewelry that you’re seeing, the cars…” Wilburn tells, “Unless it’s personalized…believe me, it’s just rented for the actual video.” Collectively they share with young people today, that there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears, as with anything else you work hard for in life. Concerning the youth, CEO Terrence Wilburn is in the process of developing a community basketball team right here in Abilene. They want for youth to be actively involved in a positive cause while staying active. Wilburn plans to undertake this task while also working with Power 103.7. Radio Disc Jockey Brad Elliot is helping Wilburn and Take IV Records bring this plan to life in the near future, so that they can help make a difference for the youth of Abilene. From, Wilburn, to Slice and Cynthia, they shared some valuable lessons concerning the business side of things in the music industry. They make it clear that in this industry, there are a lot of trust issues and Cyn shares this as far as DJ-ing goes, “My first priority is with DJ Slice”. Even while being approached by various DJ’s wanting her to manage them. She emphasizes where her loyalty lyes. Cynthia does promote models and other forms of talent. Together they share a strong support team and work as a unit. “Professionalism and how you carry yourself has everything to do with how people perceive you in this industry.” Says Cyn. With all that he is presently doing and all that he’s already done, Slice is working on some future projects. He has an upcoming mix-tape entitled “Bending Corners” which is catered more towards the main stream music he does. Another called “Street Music” is for people who don’t have that avenue. While he doesn’t mind listening to talent, he says, “If it’s good, if it’s recorded well…I let em’ work for it. I don’t bring them in the studio and do everything for them. They have to work hard and give me a good finished product.” He’s also got a tape series called Slow Motion its all-slow music with artists like Gerald Levert. Slice even created a mixed tape with all 70’s music. All of his music is “sliced” and “screwed”. Slice has recently cut a project with the Flippa Boys from Wood Yard Entertainment in Savannah Georgia. Some of these guys have moved their talent to the Dallas area. “Texas is the next big thing, this is the true South!” says Wilburn. DJ Slice also worked with DJ Lady Tribe on a mixed tape called Thrillz and Grills at the Dub Car Show in Houston Texas. The next one to be looking for is going to be called The Texas Mix Tape Massacre. Slice did this tape with a group of guys that he’s working with from 360 Records in Houston Texas. He anticipates this to be a good one. DJ Slice and his manager have been a number of places that has also helped with contributing to his present day success. Many of these events took place, spread out over 2005. He’s been on Carson Daily, Rap City, MTV, Walling Out, Soul Train, BET Awards, Video Music Awards and many other places. In reference to Ice Age Entertainment Slice tells, “We were the first Warner Brothers Artists on the BET Awards, during their 5th Annual show.” He goes on to say, “Warner Brothers never had an artist, not a rap artist, but an artist period before Mike Jones.” In addition to television, they do the Houston based “Los Magnificos” Car Show, Dub Magazine, Low Rider Magazine and some others as well. Ice Age has been on tour with rap artist 50 Cent during the Massacre Tour. When asked what it was like working with “50”, Slice says this “50”-works like non-stop. They are all work horses.” “They all are, we were there with Lil’ Jon, Ciara of course, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Mase was there M.O.P., Olivia you know, it was just city to city.” Slice adds, “When they are on the road, they have these big 18 wheelers with studios in them, so they never stop working. 50’s a real good dude.” He speaks of 50’s work ethic and says that you can feel his success just by being around him. “Everybody’s on time to the shows…everybody’s there like two hours early, collaborating, talking you know, Lil’ Jon barbecue-ing and it’s a lot of fun.” The times they have spent on the road have been plenty, but manager Cyn says that she takes advantage of every opportunity to book and promote Slice when they travel. This past year they have worked with Mary J. Blige who is the spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter for African Americas. “ I want to give a shout-out to Ms. Price from Carol’s Daughter, she really took care of us.” says Slice. He has DJ’ed those events and many like them. DJ Slice leaves us with an update on Mike before they left town. Jones has taken an interest in film, movies and apparel. Slice shares with me that Jones is presently recording the movie and album of The American Dream to be released in the future. In the mean time we can only expect to see and hear more form Ice Age Entertainment and it’s artists. Once again, Abilene has been privileged to have such talent come through and it is safe to say that this won’t be the last time.

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