A Sad Case of Illegal Child Snatching Has Continued to Become a Major Issue Today

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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | January 1, 2011

Once a call is made, whether true or false, families become part of a system with a possible never ending ordeal up ahead. When there is a broken parent and child relationship in a family, more than likely Child Protective Services is involved. Every minute a child somewhere is snatched illegally from their family, and the separation becomes an emotional traumatic shock for all loved ones involved. Children are not prepared for separation anxiety, especially when parents have a special bond of attachment with them. {{more}} Calling the CPS crisis line is the thing to do in reference to an abused child, but not always is the caller telling the truth. Because of unresolved spouse or family disputes, innocent lives of children become statistics in the system. Some sadly end up even getting placed in foster care after both parents end up being labeled unfit after a long legal fight. These children are also in danger and fear for there lives when foster parents are the ones that become the abusers after children have been properly raised. It is sad when innocent parents and children have to pay the price and some; even lose years together because of false information, and a lack of inconsistency in reference to CPS workers. Where have the morals of the world gone to? Astray when they have access to an archaic system of laws which is an easy way of targeting their spouses or other loved ones when vengeance seems to be the solution. In the final round, the children are the ones to hurt and pay for the bitter caller who decides to take the law and matters into their own hands. Although CPS claims that their system works to reunite children with family, they become the worst of enemies separating the closest of innocent bonds between family members. Investigations for some reason become less important and costly for the agency. Resolving parental disputes ends with good parents and children getting the short end of the stick. Lacking money for sufficient legal representation becomes a major problem. Appointed lawyers are being paid less, and more often than not this results in working with the agency to terminate parental rights. It is a fact that a few years ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry’s CPS investigation resulted in all kinds of facts about the inconsistencies of the agency. One fact stated that caseworkers were not trained correctly and were working with low salaries. Another fact was that a big number of cases were being prolonged. The list went on. The investigation was made public in newspapers and television stations worldwide. It is also a fact that many cities have joined, especially in Texas, to form groups that involve volunteers and agencies, including CPS, that are determined to change the archaic laws that continue to destroy families because of illegal child snatching. Illegal in terms of false reporting that in turn becomes an inconsistent case with a lack of agency expertise that results in child removal. In Abilene there is a group that was formed by a concerned committee of citizens and after meeting a few times it was titled Disproportionality, whose mission is to address and help change the inconsistencies and ancient laws that have continued to destruct family members. If citizens want to get involved in the monthly meetings, you can get in touch with Petty Hunter of NIP and I-CAN and Odis Dolton who works with the City of Abilene. Both have information and times of group meetings.