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A Reason to Praise

By Sienna Miller



In honor of the “Hats: Hallelujah!” exhibit presented by The Grace Museum, the Macedonia Baptist Church Praise Dancers and Youth Choir performed downtown during last Thursday’s Art Walk.Both males and females made up these two groups. From Pre-kindergarten all the way up to the teen years, these guys had a true reason to rejoice. They sang and performed to songs that talked about dancing for the Lord and how God can bring us out of unimaginable situations and circumstances. Alternating between praise dances and singing, the evening was filled with talent and thanksgiving. The Coordinator of the Praise Dancers is Michelle Fletcher, and it was obvious that she had put in her work with these guys. Also working with Michelle, Ledessa White is the group’s musician. She played on keyboard, songs like “No Weapon” sang by group members, Tia Hardin, “Hold On”, a solo by Joshua Landry and “Joy Like a River” sang by little Kolbi Perry. The praise dancers danced to songs that had words such as these… “Open up the heavens…let me feel your showers…showers of your presence, every moment of each hour…” You could truly feel the meaning in their songs, and see the expression in each and every one of their faces. A number of individuals from the community came out to watch them. The response was outstanding with applause after applause. Truly it was an evening well spent for those who attended.

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