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By Frances Gonzalez | July 1, 2010

  He hung on to me becoming my future traumatic misery that seemed to latch onTo my spirit of shyness and my vulnerable young age of eighteen                                              A feeling of unrecognized naiveness in me seemed to want to stay away.. Yet, he approached me with his charming con-artist tactics entrapping me in his web of manipulation sharing with me what he had planned to say.     REF Hate never leaves when open wounds with injustice are left to spread.It only waits in dark places for fresh young minds with dreams… Preying on the young with good spirits and inexperienced with society. And it schemes with eyes of destruction waiting to find a vulnerable heart.   They say we all have the right to dream, and the right to live a normal life      My rights were stripped away when I stepped into the “pit of hell” Nightclub, and what I worked so hard for as a teenager no longer was mine. It was the end to my rainbow and the proud feeling of accomplishment.. Having freshly walked down the aisle with my high school friends, Accepting  my diploma that I earned through perseverance.   When did a green light give the right of way for the torment and awful hate to use my Precious God given body for an object? I became a victim of an evil master mind whose anger was very short fused… When he lifted his hand to physically abuse me for the first time…I asked  Myself …Why?  .When I ironed his clothes and cooked his breakfast Each day….loving him and having four beautiful daughters as I thought He was my God sent prince charming.            Today he wakes each day with no remorse living in a materialistic world..And I,  with my faith seek God more, have learned to overcome obstacles.. because of the length of time I lived through the misery. Accepting an invitation one day to meet Jesus in a cloud one day…so I pray. and ask God to return to me ten-fold and more that was promised to me in his word….Asking for holy intervention to also save my children from “the same pit of Hell” that has robbed us spreading the disease of hate of a bad seed that was planted from my past.    By Frances GonzalezAbilene High School  “78”