A New Team in our Country in Search for “Peace Warriors” During Today’s Economic Crisis

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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | September 1, 2010

A new team has formed and is seeking out civilized candidates who can help unify our country and protect it from another war. Membership requires those interested in joining to abide by a formula that is as simple as 123 which is a blend of all that is good and can help form world peace. According to the July 2010 issue of the, The Week, Congress has had an urgency to rein in budget deficits. The article; Is It Time to Tackle the Deficit, takes a quote from the Wall Street Journal and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan which tells about how for some time a dangerous “complacency’ has greeted Americans and the deficit which has fueled department spiral largely because long term interest rates have remained low despite the federal debt’s ballooning to $8.6 trillion from $5.5 trillion in just the past 18 months. But low interest rates are a temporary respite brought about because the rest of the world considered the U.S the “least worst” place to keep their money during the financial crisis. The economists also share in this book that, now that the crisis is ebbing, long term rates could emerge with unexpected suddenness, and lawmakers must begin to pare the deficit and not through tax increases, which would sap economic growth, but by overcoming the “chronic in ability to stem new spending initiates. “ This of course only continues to remind the good ole USA about reality.” {{more}} It is scary when opinionated people have a tendency to give their two cents worth and what they feel about the president, government issues and crisis, and sometimes even misconstrue real situations at hand.. These people, however, are not taking action to help our country be unified as a whole. Where is the final end result to all this? Maybe the question should be: What is the definition of final equilibrium of satisfaction in these individual’s dictionary of unhappiness? They are not content so they play the blaming game. What are they doing for our country when they are not making a mockery of elected officials and others who are trying to accomplish their goals in this God given “land of the free.”? Some of these people are so accustomed to living in a higher income bracket and have no idea what it is like to live in poverty or what happens when you get laid off. One example is the increase of lay offs in companies. After working so long for the same company, people are facing the problem of “shut doors” while trying to start over again in the job market. Some of the reasons it’s tough to enter into another job might is because of the following: Some employers have set rules and many do not abide by affirmative action laws that protect from discrimination, and some people are considered too old or too overqualified. There is also a “race war” going on right now that has even increased since President Obama was elected. It is a fact that innocent people are being affected more now negatively because of the bias anger. This has become more of a problem in colleges since minorities are becoming a majority in an increasing population. Instead of uniting, there is much “division” going on, and because Obama’s presidency has allotted more money to allow more individuals to attend college, dissatisfied parties have voiced their opinions. People have a tendency to react when crisis occurs and things are not going right. The first thing they do is panic, expect the crisis to clear up, like the oil spill crisis that President Obama has had to deal with, and a pressure to make the right decisions, and come through for a lot of people that are hurting financially. In what way has this crisis been different from other president’s crisis that they have had to deal with in the past? The public is so ready to judge, and decide just how much should the government give, and how they should come to a fast solution.Some even blame the president for the oil spill. In the long run, everyone deserves to make a choice about furthering their education, and it is a choice if they want to pursue their college degree. Is it better to conform to an uneducated homeless poverty stricken society, or better to pat our fellow brothers and sisters on the back for their good work so our country can prosper? What is wrong with the government allotting more education money? Our country goes overseas a lot to help not just giving money, but churches join in as volunteers in missions. People should be commended for their accomplishments and not ridiculed because their efforts, and color. As a matter of fact, more people should be praying for our president and his party instead of judging him which is actually even spreading a negative message that is affecting our children in reference to race. It is time to face reality, and understand that everyone that is here in this country has a right to be here for one reason or the other. In the meantime storms are clashing left and right, and adversity is increasing. Whether it is because natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and the oil spill was a recent man caused crisis; some of these disasters are taking people by the numbers while there is still an increase in births. Our government has not totally taken control of the population expansion like some communists countries, yet is allowing elementary schools to hand out birth control in some big cities as a solution. While these disasters continue to take place our world is loosing it’s original beauty, and not because of the natural catastrophes of our land, but because of man’s destructive evil minds of hate and their non-conforming ways. Will it finally end when these people are baffled when a crisis hits their front door? When is world peace ever going to take place when some people that even call themselves Christians are trying to compete for how much more luxury they can obtain while preaching the word. Poverty knocks at their front door, and families have to go else where to seek God’s word while also suffering financially. Is it right to create a mansion of a church in order to bring God’s people to him, yet some congregational leaders actually saying, “my church is better than others”, hypocritically preaching that their door is opened to a “damaged society” but are putting more money into the building and missions funds for more luxury trips.When will the competition cease? What happened to “old time religion”, and helping families in need when they are financially struggling”? This country is in need indeed of the new team of members who can not just help their fellow brothers and sisters, but who can sincerely salvage this corrupt country without trying in reality to “hit the jackpot” at the same time for themselves. Who is willing to step up to the plate? It is going to take many dedicated individuals who are also willing to totally let go of past scars in reference to race so that world peace in reality can take place. It is also to remember, no matter whether we are white black, or even mixed, God is still on his throne and in control of his people as a human race.