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A Much Younger Student Body on Campus for Summer

By Janlyn Thaxton



Flags are flying and air castles are ready to go. On the Hardin-Simmons University campus you’ll see an array of colorful t-shirts and fun-loving, well-behaved students who have all been hand-picked by their churches to attend a camp HSU has been hosting for more than two decades.Students are everywhere. In front of Anderson Hall, for instance, you may find a group of students playing a made-up game they call Ninja Tag. They hold hands and make a circle as big as possible and then drop hands. Whoever loses their balance and falls has to get in the middle. This is one of many spirited team-building exercises students participate in during the youth leadership evangelism camp known as Super Summer. {{more}}This week’s session is one of two Super Summer camps on the campus, each bring more than 1000 students ranging from those who have just completed the seventh grade to those who have just graduated from high school.Youth leaders from across Texas come prepared to learn and share leadership skills during five days of crazy competitions, buzz groups, and discipleship training.Affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, now also known as Texas Baptists, Super Summer began in 1974 as a training opportunity for Christian young people who are interested in enhancing their spiritual growth and learning how to better share Christ with others. The motto of Super Summer is “Send us your best and we’ll send them back better!” For this reason, you’ll see among Super Summer students some of the most dedicated, young men and women from across Texas and surrounding states.To come to Super Summer, students must be nominated by their home churches as being especially motivated youth leaders. A typical day includes quiet time, family groups, a pep rally, Texas Olympics, wild and crazy games, family groups, and a roof-raising Rainbow Celebration in the evening, rainbow referring to the specific color of t-shirt each age group wears.Super Summer will go through Friday, June 18th with the next session of Super Summer students arriving on July 12, 2010. To learn more about Super Summer you may want to check out this website: the course of the summer, Hardin-Simmons will play host to around 5,000 junior high and high school-aged students.

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