By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | July 1, 2016

She has not really seen daylight since the last storm hit.Dazed and confused in the world waking up to her job.A never ending 8 to 9pm shift where her smile stayed lit.And satisfied customers bought only name brands at her shop. {{more}}The whirlwind was tough the last time with knee deep waterThat created floods that suddenly washed cars off the streets.A mother’s constant prayer moved her out of harm’s way.Blessed with a local job, she awakes as her new angel greets.When her mother heard the news, she felt content inside.Her prayers are working, yet her daughter is very distant.Mother’s Day came and she paid her a one day visit to say hi.Years have passed and time has robbed the two of closeness.Good memories of a single mother who raised four daughtersThat deep love of a parent who helped mold their talentsAs they sang and performed on stage, she watched so proudlyShe tucked them all to bed each with a happy cheerful heart.The mother who put her daughter first, still prays with wisdom.For the day God will lead her daughter back to her creator.A father in heaven strengthened her during her own storm.Persevering while loving, that led her to accept Jesus Christ.In an instant, the rains could wash her loving daughter away.All caught up and blessed being successful making money.The mother prays for her to remember the second coming.Of Jesus Christ who will soon to take God’s righteous home.Like her own mother, she poured out to them her pure loveShe shared with them one day about our Lord, Jesus Christ.The oldest three accepted were saved by him in holy altars.Missing them is painful. Giving them back to him is harder.