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“A Change Gone Come, Oh Yes It Is.”

By Floyd Miller



Photo by Sienna Miller (Abilene citizens (Back) Demetrius Earthly holds the white-board while Niccolus Moses (Front) advocates for equity during City Council Meeting.) 

Recently a group of concerned citizens came together to express their concern for the conditions of Stevenson Park here in Abilene Texas. They used the Public Comments portion of the meeting to get their voices heard. For some time now there has been a need and an outcry from residents for the upkeep of Stevenson Park. This has included improving the restrooms, having working water fountains, keeping the landscaping in code, and several other concerns about restroom and playground proximity. During that meeting, Niccolus Moses (photographed) presented to The Abilene City Council, a representation of “The Bell Curve” as it relates to The Stevenson Park. Moses’ presentation explained the need for equity for the children in this community and how the conditions of other city parks vastly differ from that of Stevenson. During the presentation, he invited City Councilwoman Donna Albus to come and see for herself the present conditions of the park. Albus agreed to meet with them later that same afternoon and did so successfully

Photo by Sienna Miller (City councilwoman Donna Albus listens intently to the voices of the community expressing their concerns for improving conditions within Stevenson Park.)
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