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A blessed day a wonderful life !

By Mattie Dixon



As long as I can remember birthdays have been a huge occasion in the Miller family. You always knew there would be a celebration and you would have a variety of food dishes. Birthdays are almost like a reunion in our family because we celebrate everyone who was born in that month; however May is different. {{more}} It is different because it is our mother’s birthday and all year she has planned and prepared for everyone else birthday so now it our time to honor and praise her and that is exactly what took place on June 5,2007 as we celebrated her 80th birthday.It was an occasion that I wish everyone could have shared with her,so for those who could not be there to share in with the special lady our mother, I would encourage you to read Proverb 31 and you will see the person we celebrated.On this day her nine children, her five siblings, grandchildren great-grandchildren, relatives and friends came together and made this a very joyous occasion for her with songs, poems, and videos shared in her honor. The table was spread with all kinds of meats, casseroles, vegetables, and desserts.It was truly a blessed day !Mrs. Miller is the mother of WTT Editor Floyd Miller

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