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5 Year Old Saves Mother’s Life

By Joe Starkey



By the time the third plaque was being awarded by City Officials, Five-year-old Colton Foster had his head buried securely under his father’s arm. He briefly peeked out to accept a couple more and then back to dad’s safe arm.The shyest of the {{more}} family seldom talks to anyone but Wednesday morning February 20th when his mother started shaking and spitting stuff out of her mouth and he could not get her to talk to him, he made what local officials are calling “a textbook 9-11 call”. More amazing is that his parents have no idea how he learned to do this. His mother told me that she would have expected him to call his father at work since “he knows that number”. Calling 9-11, instead of family, probably saved Mindy Foster’s life, as her diabetic blood sugar was 24 when paramedics arrived. Anything below 70 is considered hypoglycemic, 50 generally results in mental confusion, somewhere in the 45 range the person progresses to drowsiness, changes in behavior, coma and seizure. Depending on the person – the next step is dying. So any delay in getting help for his mother could have resulted in her death.After the plaques, came something that got his head out from under father’s arm, but not off his lap, when he was presented a brand new bicycle from Academy Sports by Manager Valerie Smith. After most of the officials and media left – he rode the bike for over 30 minutes under supervision of an older neighbor while his parents were interviewed. Last was an offer from PrimeTime Entertainment to host Colton and his family for a day. I’ll make a guess and say he was excited as he jumped off his chair to accept with his mouth almost too wide open to see his chin and hair! He curled back up in the chair holding the certificate with both hands and mouth still open. Later his mother said they had been to Prime Time Entertainment once, and Colton had wanted to return ever since.This shy youngster exceeded his parents’ wildest thoughts when he spoke up and saved his mother’s life but even riding tall in the saddle of his new bicycle – he doesn’t talk to the media.If your children are old enough to talk on the phone – they can learn to save

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