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5 Tips To Jumpstart Your Career

By Statepoint



Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or boldly looking to start your own business, achieving your career goals can be challenging. Amid all the chatter of career websites and business seminars, it can be hard to know where and how to focus your energies. But good advice is eternal, says Jack Nadel, a decorated World War II hero who has made tens of millions of dollars over a 65-year career. “Regardless of the economic news, actions of the government or the natural forces that oppose us, we must build within ourselves the capability to survive, prosper and feel good,” he advises. {{more}}These days, Nadel is sharing the wisdom he gained in his long career with members of the younger generation who are looking to get ahead. And he has made much of this advice available in a new book, entitled “Use What You Have To Get What You Want.” Here are some of Nadel’s top tips for career success that anyone can implement: * When looking for advice, talk to someone who’s done it successfully. The Internet abounds with self-appointed “experts” and “consultants,” but talking to people who you know are respected and successful in your industry is sure to get you better results. * Don’t let your ego get in the way. This can happen subtly, like when you spend an entire cover letter listing how amazing you are but fail to tell a company what you can do for them. Or it can happen more overtly, such as when you refuse to take responsibility for a mistake or failing. * Careful planning is more important than hard work. Hard work is important, but running around in circles will get you nowhere. For example, given the rates of unemployment, it’s best for individuals to focus their job hunt on jobs they are most qualified for instead of applying haphazardly to every opening in your industry. You may even want to spend time building your skill set. This way, when the perfect job comes along, you’ll be a sure fit. * Prep for meetings. Before a meeting, repeat this basic advice to yourself at least three times: Listen. Think Positive. Project Energy. Then after the meeting, remind yourself that you gave it your best shot and now you must get back to work — either by executing on what you discussed or working on your next prospect. * Find ways to agree as early as you can in negotiations. Even if it’s on something as trivial as junk food, shared likes at the outset create a positive atmosphere, which helps you negotiate thornier issues that are sure to come up later. “Being aware of the opportunities around you and having the right attitude can make fortune work in your favor,” says Nadel, who employed this optimistic outlook when he first founded the marketing promotions firm, Jack Nadel International back in 1953. For more information to help you get ahead, visit

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